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At our gym, whether your goal is to step into the ring or simply achieve peak physical condition, we treat everyone with the same level of commitment, aiming to fortify you both mentally and physically. Our training philosophy is to prepare each individual as if they are gearing up for competition, ensuring you reap the full benefits of our program. You'll not only learn the art of boxing but also achieve excellent physical shape and build confidence in your abilities.


It's important to note that competition is entirely optional. We place no pressure on our members to compete. However, for those interested in taking their skills to the competitive level, we're proud to offer one of the most acclaimed amateur boxing programs available. Our training begins with fundamental lateral and linear movements, and the jab and cross techniques. Progressing from mitt and bag work to controlled contact using these foundational punches, we gradually introduce supervised contact. The aim is to make you comfortable with both delivering and receiving punches, starting slowly and increasing pace as your confidence grows.


Sparring, which initially focuses solely on the jab, is a crucial step in our program. It's designed to help you maintain composure and control. As you grow more adept, we'll introduce more complex techniques like the cross, hooks, uppercuts, and body punches. Our methodical approach ensures you learn how to make solid contact, starting with light taps and advancing to powerful punches. True self-defense capability comes from this comprehensive training process.


Participating in our Men’s Boxing Class not only imparts genuine fighting skills but also builds the confidence needed for self-defense and prepares those interested in competitive boxing. Adults aged 35 to 72 have the opportunity to enter the master’s division in competitions. While our focus isn’t solely on competition, we train all our members with the rigor and dedication of potential competitors.


Choose Warzone for professional training by professional athletes within a proven program. Join us for a free trial and discover why we boast a 93% retention rate and offer the premier Men’s Boxing Classes in the city of Rialto CA.

Skill Level - Beginners/Novice



Age Groups - Adult Men & Women


12mo Contract - $150 Monthly

6mo Contract - $175 Monthly

3mo Contract - $200 Monthly

Weekend Classes - $100 Every 8 Sessions

Monday thru Thursday​

​9:00am to 10:30am

8:00pm to 9:30pm​


Saturday & Sunday

11:00am to 12:30 pm

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