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Whether you’re looking to compete or just get in great shape everyone here is treated equally with the goal of making you mentally & physically strong. We will train you as if you are planning to compete so that you get the full benefits of training. You will learn how to fight! You will get in great shape, and you will become confident in yourself and your ability.

Now understand that competing is not required nor expected, and no one will push you to compete. However, if you decide to compete, know that we offer one of the most successful amateur programs in existence. Our program starts off with of lateral & linear movements, Jab and cross. Mitt work, bag work and controlled contact will follow using the two punches mentioned. Once the basics are down and the movements are done correctly, we begin with supervised contact. From here the goal is to get you comfortable with not only receiving contact but making contact. This is all at a slow pace, but it will pick up as your comfort level increases.

All roads will eventually lead to sparring, but it will only consist of using the jab. Once a person becomes comfortable enough to keep their composure and maintain control, we will introduce the cross. Short range punches such as the hooks, upper cuts and body punching will follow down the road. We want to give you the ability to knowledge to make solid contact. It will start with light “taps” and will progress into solid punching. That means once you become comfortable enough to stop blinking or turning your head away, we can work on slipping correctly. The only way to really learn self-defense is to go through this process, everything else is pretending.

Sparring in our Men’s Boxing Class will give you a real a knowledge and experience that will build your confidence enough to defend yourself if necessary. It will also prepare you to move into competition if that is a goal. Competition for adults between the ages of 35 to 72 can compete in what’s called the masters division. Again, we are not looking to have anyone compete, but we will train you as if your planning to.

No other gym gives you what we do, professional training by professional athletes in a proven program. Visit the Warzone for a free trial and see why we have a 93% retention rate and the best Men's Boxing Classes around.

Skill Level - Beginners/Novice



Age Groups - Adult Men & Women


12mo Contract - $150 Monthly

6mo Contract - $175 Monthly

3mo Contract - $200 Monthly

Weekend Classes - $100 Every 8 Sessions

Monday thru Thursday​

​9:00am to 10:30am

8:00pm to 9:30pm​


Saturday & Sunday

11:00am to 12:30 pm

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