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Olympic Boxing Competition is where the elite level boxers compete. Typically this refers to the highest level of competition, where athletes compete at the national and international level in events such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and Pan American Games.

Training at the elite level generally involves a high level of technical skill development, strength and conditioning training, and sparring with other top-level athletes. Athletes may also receive coaching and support from national or regional boxing associations, as well as access to specialized training facilities and resources.


Overall, elite level amateur boxing can be a highly competitive and challenging sport, requiring dedication, discipline, and a strong commitment to training and preparation. This program only accepts 17-year-olds and over and parent involvement is kept at home.


At the Warzone our elite program will only accept those with a strong desire to compete at this level. Your commitment will be tested and failing to show up or give 100% will get you cut from the program. That means taking days off or being lazy is not acceptable. Cheating on your meals and not maintaining a work regimen at home is also not acceptable.


You will need to maintain body fat at no more than 9% on your off time. Pass random drug tests and be available to show up everyday Sunday through Fridays. NO excuses. Before all major tournaments you will need to be available to leave the state for months at a time for training.


We only have five spots for this program, when traveling for camps or events all expenses are covered by the Warzone. Equipment will also be covered, and sponsors will be obtained so that you can have some financial stability so that you can devote you resources to the gym.


In 20 plus years of existence only 19 boxers have made it into our Elite team, but all have won at the National, International, and World Amateur level. Our focus is solely on developing elite boxers who are dedicated to the pursuit of Olympic and professional competition.

For more info please contact the Warzone. 

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