Olympic Amateur Boxing Training is the heartbeat of the Warzone Boxing Club. Developing elite amateur boxers who compete at the highest levels in amateur competition our continued goal. Olympic Boxing and future professional competition is our bread and butter in we have done a great job doing so. 19 National, International and World Amateur Champions have been developed through our club. Three have gone on to win titles as professionals and are now part of our coaching staff.

First of all, let’s make it clear to all parents and prospective competitors that we are not a community center. We are not here to keep kids off the streets or to baby sit your son or daughter. The development of elite boxers who strive for Olympic competition is this programs soul purpose. A selective group of coaches committed to the success of our programs are here to help you reach your goals. This program is limited to a small group that will train from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday thru Thursday. The fundamentals of boxing, strength training, conditioning, and speed work will be included in their regular schedule. Each day will end with a three-mile run.

This class is limited to 10 students and all competitors will need to register with USA Boxing in order to begin competition. The fees for this program are $200 per month for the first 3 months. There are no enrollment or registration fees however certain requirements will need to be met in order to continue in this group. the price will then drop to $150 per month after 3 months given you have met the requirements to continue. Training time will also increase to 3.5 hours, 5 days per week and.

Once you enter amateur competition, every fight a boxer participates inn will drop their payment by $5. Every tournament entered will drop your payment by $10 until you are free. This is why we need to ensure you are committed so that you represent us well and can compete at the world level.

We need you to bring in the next paying client because of your abilities. All students will need to meet the following minimal standards by week 12 in order to remain in our program. They will need to complete a 3-mile run in 24 minutes or less. Complete 500 push-ups and sit-ups, pass random drug tests and lower and maintain a 9% body fat reading.

NOTE: Beginners with no experience are preferred and an evaluation of all experienced fighters is a must before being accepted into our Amateur Competition program.