Men’s Boxing Classes at the Warzone are structured to teach the proper mechanics and fundamentals of footwork and head movement to adults 18 and over. 

Before slipping on a pair of gloves we will start you off with 2 to 4 weeks of lateral & linear movements. Pivot, turns, the jab and cross follow that. Mitt work & bag work along with supervised contact covering proper punch placement will be next. Contact will be introduced when ready and you will partner you off with someone similar in height & weight. Sparring in the beginning will consist of only using the jab. As you get comfortable and can control yourself we ill ad the cross. Everything is structured to properly build a fighter even if you only looking to get in shape. It is vital to learn correctly and every step has been well thought out.

Under proper supervision we will teach you correct placement of every punch and the mechanics needed for solid contact. It will start with light “taps” and will progress into solid punching. Once you become comfortable enough to stop blinking or turning your head away, we can work on slipping correctly. The only way to really learn self-defense is to go through this process, everything else is pretending.

Sparring in our Men’s Boxing Classes will give you a real a knowledge and experience that will build your confidence enough to defend yourself if necessary. It will also prepare you to move into competition if that is a goal. Weight loss and improved conditioning is a benefit of our training. Increasing your stamina, improving your balance and making you stronger mentally and physically is our goal.

No other gym gives you real training for men like we do, or offer professional trainers like we do. This is why our program has a proven record of success. Visit the Warzone for a free trial and see why we have a 93% retention rate. Boxing Classes for Men are top notch and cannot be matched. Come see for yourself. For class schedule in Upland please visit