Kids Boxing Classes in Rialto CA

Our kids boxing program is designed to get young children interested in fitness through the great sport of boxing. It will get them shape and also give them self defensive skills that build confidence and a strong work ethic. They’ll learn discipline, focus and how to work and respect others. The benefits obtained will carry over into the home and school and help them become better adults. On the very first day they will learn combination punching and head movement. They will get mitt & bag work and learn the sport the correct way.

This age group is for 8 to 12-year old boys & girls with zero knowledge of the sport. All classes offer training as if they were entering competition. Competing is not necessary  but its a good way to get these kids mentally and physically strong. Before we allow kids to spar they will need to show interest in sparring and a parent will need to give their permission.

Our goal is to give kids self-defensive skills that will help prevent bullying and teach them not to become the bully. We are here to help build athleticism through the methods used by professional athletes. This will allow them to become confident in their abilities in and out of the gym. Becoming better athletes is a benefit to this type of training and it will carry over into other sports.

Our kids boxing classes start at 6:00 pm during the week and on  Saturday and Sundays at 10:00 am. Parents have the choice on what days their kids attend if room is permitted. If your interested bring your son or daughter in for a free trial at the #1 gym to offer real kids boxing classes and self-defense training.

For Information on the benefits of boxing; we have posted a link with more information. 

The Benefit of Boxing For Kids