Kids Boxing Classes

Kids Classes for children as young as 4 years old

Kids Boxing Classes at the Warzone are structured to teach children at a young age self-defense and discipline. One of the biggest benefits of our training is the confidence that they develop and carry over into the home and school.

This group is for 4 to 7-year old boys and girls and they can move into competition when they turn the age of 8. Even though they cannot enter USA sanctioned tournaments we train them as if they are planning to compete now. This mean they will eventually spar with other kids when they are ready and ask for it. Once a kid asked about sparring we will clear it with mom or dad.

All classes are structured to be a fun and to give kids a positive environment. We are here to help them build athleticism through the methods our professional boxers use. This will allow them to become confident in their abilities in and out of the gym. Becoming better athletes is an additional benefit to this type of training and it will carry over into other sports.

Classes are kept at a reasonable size with one coach being available for every 5 students. If your child is not in this age group, we offer classes for a 8 to 12 year old’s which is our “Youth” class. For 13 to 17-year old’s we have our Teen” Classes.

Kids Boxing Classes; are held Monday and Wednesday’s at 5:00 pm or Saturday and Sundays at 10:00 am. Parents have the choice on what days their kids attend if room is permitted. On the very first day kids will learn combination punching and head movement. They will get mitt & bag work and the mechanics of the sport. Because kids get bored fast, we keep them interested and excited about training by focusing on just boxing.

We limit our exercise times with them so that they stay interested. We do have them do jumping jacks for every mistake they make so they do get some additional exercise in aside from the great benefits of boxing. However, we use exercise as a way of keeping them focused, at first jumping jacks are fun but once they get tired, they will focus. Kids will need gloves on their very first day so please plan on purchasing gloves. We do sale gloves for $45 but you are welcomed to buy gloves at any location you wish.

($75 per month – NO contracts)