Fitness Boxing is a class for men and woman interested in a good sweat producing morning workout. This class combines flexibility and strength training through one of the most successful sports in the World. It focuses on the core, strength and adding flexibility to the hips while burning fat and losing weight. A little self-defense will be learned but this is a fitness without injury program.

The fitness industry is loaded with material, opinions and information that can influence the minds of the mainstream market. Opinions on specific programs or studies are everywhere and we recommend you do your research on your gym of interest and the workouts they offer. We say this because of crossfit which is the most popular workout for the newbie. Crossfit training has one of the highest injury rates compared to every other single training program available. From torn muscles to kidney failure known as rhabdomyolysis the dangers are there.

Here is a quote from an individual who has experienced Cross Fit training. “I love Crossfit training, the workouts are intense, I get my ass kicked and I feel great afterwards. I will continue to hit these workouts up I love it and recommend it”. A quote from the same individual 4 months later: “Crossfit sucks. I ripped my rotator cuff and have not been able to do anything the past few weeks. The workouts are out of control and there is no technique it’s just push, push, and push with no breaks to recover. Forget form which is just too dangerous for me”

So no matter how much you love that 8am spin class, cross fit training or zoning out on the elliptical, any workout done repeatedly gets stale and worse it can be dangerous.

Fitness Boxing