Hayabusa T3 Boxing Glove

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Glove

So in this post we will be reviewing the HAYABUSA T3 Boxing Glove and well, we love it. The look and feel of this glove plus the excellent craftsmanship of this glove is top notch, the stitching and leather are both of high quality and design. The materials used are excellent and the wrist support is the best available. It’s a good looking glove with the white glove with black thumb pictured here being almost sexy.

They are priced at around $100 which is right there with many other gloves including the everlast protex gloves which I will also be reviewing soon. The gloves last, period.  My pro fighters T3 gloves last about about one and half years and they train 5 days per week, do 20 rounds per day of bag and mitt work with 5 minute rounds. Their warm-ups consists of simple 1-2 punches at about a 5 in the power rating scale with ten being all out power. They throw 800 punches the first three rounds and then average about 300 punches every round after that.

These gloves out last every other glove we have used including everlast, winning, Reyes and just about every major name brand glove out by at least 6 months. The negative side of this gloves is that they’re big and they use lots of Velcro for the double wrist support. With so much Velcro they’re not good for sparring because they will scratch your opponents neck, face and shoulders a bit. For me that’s unacceptable but that’s the only down fall. Now because of their size I do recommend to buy a smaller pair of glove for bag and mitt work. If you spar with 14oz gloves use 12oz gloves for the bags.

But the glove is good and well worth the money. I have not received any money or free equipment from Hayabusa for this review, I just love this glove. I will upload a video to my new blog page that will be reviewing and giving instructional tutorials in boxing training and equipment. You can visit my blog page at http://warzoneboxingblog.com or you can send me an email with any questions at usa.boxing@yahoo.com

LINK: https://www.hayabusafight.com/collections/boxing-gloves/products/t3-boxing-gloves?variant=490023747609

  • Pros:
  • craftsmanship – 5
  • materials used – 5
  • appearance – 5
  • affordability – 4.5
  • support – 5
  • durability – 5
  • comfort – 5
  • Cons:
  • Overall size – 3
  • Velcro – 3

Reviews: Michelle D.

United States

Used these a couple times so far for sparring and mitt work, and the quality and wrist support are fantastic. I also like the dual velcro when they go on. Great service as well. Thank you so much!!!

Giovanni S.

United States

I had him for a week in somebody stole I’m on my car and all my other gear but these lows were good while I had